Saturday, February 13, 2010

and i started blogging. :)

BLOGGING was never one of my usual activities, nor was i involved in anything about online publishing. i did write for the past few years of my life, but i did it on paper. i never dreamt of writing my thoughts and opening them up to the world like some public property (hey, these are MY thougths), until i found out that sharing what I have would not hurt at all.

for my first post (and probably the most sensible one. nah, kidding... :p) i'd like to comment on a certain quotation a friend of mine, ate diana, posted on her blog:

cherish the hand out to grab you when you're falling. you'll never know when the person who owns the hand tires of waiting to catch you and just walk away.

yeah, today is valentine's day. day of hearts and loving. what most people do not realize is the necessity that loving is to be expressed any day of the year, as long as the clock goes ticking. it fears me to find out that one day, the people whom i love would just turn their backs from me and say "i'm tired of you". so, i'd better start telling them how much they mean to me right now. and do it every time i have the opportunity. a second lost is a second lost forever.

when the streets go busy, and schedules get jam-packed, do we still have the capacity to stop for at least a few seconds and say something nice to those ready to grab us out when we're falling into pieces?

enjoy the day of hearts. :]

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