Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holy Week Reflections: What Hurts the Most

For American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Finalist Danny Gokey, what hurts the most is having "so much to say" yet not being able to do so. For many people, anything might hurt--even the simplest of all disgraces or badlucks may ruin their day. Sometimes, when we tell ourselves that something goes awry, we overreact. We tend to view petty misdemeanors as the end of the world.

Tonight, I watched a beautiful film entitled The Memory Keeper's Daughter regarding a doctor who had twin children: one was normal whereas the other had Down's syndrome. He hid the truth from his wife, and made the nurse take care of the forsaken angel. For that child, what might hurt the most is being neglected by your very own family.

When Christ initiated the Last Supper few hours before He died, He must have felt His life's worst agony. Imagine knowing your fate: being sold, being left behind, being neglected.

Sometimes, we think of our worries to much we forget to live life's miracles.

Should you see a gray hair when you comb your hair, think of the cancer patient who wished he had at least a hairstrand.

Should your car lose gas miles from the city capital and you had no other choice but to walk, think of the paraplegic who wished he could walk that far.

Should you get caught in a fight with your parents, think of the aborted babies who wished they had a chance to have a family--at least.

Should you think your worries are the worst in this world, think of Christ who knows He could help. Seek Him out, ask Him to carry your burden. Talk to Him. Believe that He knows best. He won't let you experience the worst, for He knows what hurts the most.

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