Monday, April 5, 2010

Finding Your Center

I find it amazing how many people who meditate after long hours of stress could still "find their centers" and rejuvinate. Whenever I try to meditate on my own, I also find my center. Right at the center of my bed. Hehe. Kidding aside, I really hoped I had that capacity to quiet down even in the most stressful of all moments.

Our emotions have to quiet down too. Oftentimes, when we feel our problems topple us down to our feet, or dump upon us like we were on a sandwich, we choose to suppress them and "stock" them down in the abyss of our memories. When was the last time you "emptied" yourself?

When our problems are all that matter, do we even try to seek out our "center"? By center I mean CHRIST. When our problems bring us down, do we ever seek for His help? Do we ask Him to come into our lives and make it easier for us?

This Easter, we are once again called to "rejuvinate" to set anew our lives as we rise from the graveyard called evil. Christ calls us to reunite with Him that we may remain fresh in His love and awe.

Today's world is filled with various elements that may lead us to lose our sight of our "center". Take time to troddle away from your worldly worries, lay your meditating mat, and pray. Seek out your Life's center. And witness miracles begin.

Happy Easter. :D

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