Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lord, I'm Turning 18. Ü

Dear God,

Tomorrow, I'll be turning 18. Honestly, a lot of thoughts are running through my mind right now. Bleargh, Fear, joy, excitement. Thanks for all of the blessings you have generously lent me throughout my 17-year existence. You know very well that without you, I am nothing. With you, I am alive. What I was, am, and will be is solely because of you. Sorry for the million times I failed your will, I went aloft, I lived crookedly. Forgive me for my lack of faith, sense of greed, love of sin.

Thank you so much for my family. Mom, dad, bro. I know that at times, things don't come the way we planned them to be. At times, problems may plague us that our future seem vague and rusty, but still, I am thankful I have them. I love them so much, Lord. Take care of them always. :) Thank you for giving them to me to love, to hold, to cherish. Forever will I be in debt of their love and comfort.

Thank you for my relatives and friends. They have always been there for me throughout my life, ready to stretch their arms and reach for me when I need their help most. Thank you for those who still believe in me and love me despite my various imperfections. I love them too, like my family. Stay with them and guide them always. :) Though they are too many to mention, still, they know who they are, and they would always remain as valuable to me, as they were. No matter what.

Thank you, Lord for all of the people whom I have brushed elbows with as far as this day in my lifetime. Each has made his/her own significance even in the simplest ways. Bless them Lord, as they have represented you physically in my life. Grant them more vigor that they may bless people even more.

Thank you Lord, for this Life you have given me. I do not know whether I have given my best to what You have called me to do, but here's what I promise: I'll do even more to honor your will.

Grant me Lord, enough humility to go on with Life, to remember that I am here for a purpose, to remember that serving You is what I was called for. Humble my heart that I may be able to serve my fellow human beings always. :D

As I enter my "legal" age, guide me more in my words, thoughts, and actions. Help me be more responsible, more helpful, and more faithful to you. Help me remain who I am, but guide me as I try to shoo away my sins and negative attitudes, but again, let me remain the child who I was, only more mature. xp

Lastly, Lord, I pray for all who need Your love at this very moment: those who were affected by natural disasters and calamities, those who are in need of a family, those whose faith is shaken, those who are morally lost, those who have been praying hard for Your answers, those who are struggling with work and matters of everyday life, those who are first to experience this world's air and those who are wielding their last, those who are in doubt of your presence, those who would like to see a direction, those who are crying and those who are happy as well, and everyone else who needs a ray of your hope and kindness.

Thank you so much Lord, for EVERYTHING. :)

p.s.: Lord, classes for summer classes start tomorrow. Lord, Physics. Lord, Philosophy of the Human Person. Lord, Health Assessment. Lord, PHYSICS. Thank You talaga. :)


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